Background & Company Overview

In August 2010 Lance and Tonya Almond opened Paragon Land Consultants, Inc.  Over the past 9 years, Paragon has worked with over 40 clients and used a crew of up to 15 imagers and 45 landmen to manage and complete projects in Kansas, Oklahoma and Wyoming.  Our personnel have extensive experience in all areas of the business including Due Diligence, Imaging, Leasing, ROW Negotiations, Seismic Permitting, Title, and Oklahoma Corporation Commission work.


Paragon maintains a custom Microsoft Access Database and all of our brokerage work (Leasing, Permitting, and Title) is managed in this Database.  This is key for our clients because work product can then be uploaded to your system upon completion.  In addition, we work with a programmer who can handle any Database customization requests from any of our clients.


Since January 2014, Paragon has transitioned from a purely service organization working for other clients, to focusing on working with Notting Hill Properties, LLC to acquire over 17,000 Mineral, Leasehold and ORRI acres in the SCOOP and STACK Plays.  Those deals have had a total value of just over $135 MM.  We have an extensive network of buyers, field contacts and sellers providing us with opportunities to acquire additional acreage in both plays.  We have a network in place to acquire and/or sell small to medium size acreage positions and close them in an expedited time frame.


Please feel free to contact us at anytime with questions or opportunities.  We look forward to putting our over 70 years of combined field and management experience to work for you managing your prospect or working within our network to increase your acreage position or sale down your acreage.