Key Personnel

Lance and Tonya Almond


Lance has been working in the land business since 1993 and his wife Tonya since 1990. Tonya began working in oil and gas for Milestone Land and then worked several years for Indian Oil Company before going to work for Jeff Miller and David Vaughn at Texhoma Land Consultants, Inc. in Norman.  Lance also began working for Texhoma Land while in College at the University of Oklahoma, and after graduating with a Marketing Degree and Minor in Management in 1996, went to work full time  as a contract landman.  During the next 8 years, Lance worked on various projects spanning Texas and Oklahoma for numerous clients.


In 2004, Lance and Tonya partnered with Jack Clark of J.C. Land Management, Inc.  While working with J.C. Land, they were involved in Due Diligence, Imaging, Leasing, Seismic and Title Projects located in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  J.C. Land’s primary clients over that period were Apache, Beta Shale, LLC, Chesapeake, Devon and several smaller companies.  During this period J. C. Land had as many as 75 subcontractors and 20 employees working for the company. 


In August 2010 they opened Paragon and they continued to work for multiple clients across Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.  In early 2015, they transitioned the company from strictly a service organization, to one that also began generating their own prospects and acreage to participate with thru their asset holding company Notting Hill Properties, LLC.  The company is now significantly entrenched in the both the SCOOP and STACK plays as they continue to be developed in Northwestern and Southern Oklahoma.



C. Evan Bray

Evan has been working in the land business since 2007; he earned a Finance Degree with a minor in Economics from Oklahoma State University in 2004.  He has extensive experience in Business Development, Imaging, Leasing and Prospect Management.  Prior to joining Paragon, he worked as an imaging project manager across Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Colorado for Continental Land Services.  After moving to Land Services, Inc., he was named Prospect Manager for Chesapeake Energy's Western Oklahoma prospect as well as overseeing Prospects for several other clients.  He joined the team with Paragon in late 2014 and is now the Vice-President of Business Development.

At Paragon and Notting Hill, he has been an integral member of the team that has helped our clients, obtain over 12,000 acres across a large portion of the SCOOP and STACK plays since the beginning of 2015.

Craig Foster

Craig began working with J.C. Land Management in the summer of 2008.  He was active in the acquisition and title approval of over 750 Oil and Gas Leases in the Arkoma Woodford Play from 2008-2009 used to participate in over 300 wells in Coal, Hughes and Pittsburg Counties in Southeastern Oklahoma.  

He joined the team at Paragon when the company was opened in 2010 and during this time he has gained extensive experience in cursory mineral ownership reports, detailed ownership reports and fully HBP title across Kansas and Oklahoma.  He has completed well over 1,000 Limited Ownership Report requests and is extremely proficient at completing those requests in a time frame much faster than the industry standard. 

He became the lead Title Landman for an extensive detailed HBP Title Project across Western and Northwestern Oklahoma, as well as the training and managing of a team of over 10 landmen.  He is now the Senior Field/Title Landman for the company and oversees all title work being performed on leasehold and mineral acquisitions being done by Notting Hill in both the SCOOP and STACK plays.